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We're Dog Lovers First, Dog Groomers Second

Our 11 years of combined grooming experience is a direct result of our love for dogs. From Dachshunds to Doodles, we love being around dogs, especially when they’re clean and feeling proud. When you schedule your dog's groom with us, know that you're leaving your dog with two ladies who want nothing more than to see a clean, healthy and happy dog.
Kelsey & Wallace
Kelsey & Wallace

Kelsey has been a professional dog groomer since 2009, and has lived in Michigan since 2002. Wally is a Cavalier King Charles.

    Danielle & Bella
    Danielle & Bella

    Danielle has been a professional dog groomer since 2014, and has lived in Michigan her entire life. Bella is a Chihuahua.

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