Self-Service Dog Bathing

Self-Service Station hours of operation:

Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Final Self-Service walk-in is at 4:00 PM Monday to Friday.

Saturday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Final Self-Service walk-in is at 1:00 PM on Saturday.

Walk in and Start Bathing

There are no reservations for our self-service dog bathing station, just walk in and start bathing. You'll use the same set-up the professionals do - an elevated, 4 foot wide stainless steel tub with a powdered finish.

Call (231) 342-0942 for more details.

$12 for 30 Minutes of Use for All Dogs

Our $12 flat rate for all dogs includes the following:

  • Choice of shampoo: hypoallergenic, deep cleaning or lavender oatmeal (all natural, all tear-free, all soap free)
  • 2-speed forced air dryer
  • 100% rayon towels
  • 30 minutes of access to professional grooming tub

Also, we offer an array of professional grooming tools to use with your dog.

  • Happy Hoodie (great for dogs who don't like the dryer/loud noise)
  • Waterproof apron and ear protection (the dryer can get loud!)
  • Collapsible stairs for large dogs
  • For long-coat dogs: slicker brush, metal comb, deshedding rake
  • For short-coat dogs: rubber curry brush
  • Lavender disinfectant
  • Rubber mat (for smaller dogs to keep traction)

We also offer special products to use with your dog for a small cost.

  • Deshedding shampoo for $3
  • Flea-treatment shampoo for $3
  • Extra shampoo & conditioner for $2.50
  • Extra 15-minutes with bathing station for $6
dog grooming traverse city
self-service dog bathing gate
self-service dog bathing traverse city

If you come in while the self-service dog bathing tub is being used, we will add you to a waiting list and you’ll receive a time estimate for when you can use the self-service dog bathing station. If there are families waiting behind you in line and you do not appear before your time estimate, your spot in line will be pushed back one slot.

While using the self-service dog bathing station, please be mindful of those who use the station after you. Use our dog-friendly disinfectant spray to clean out the tub after use.

If there is an issue with the self-service dog bathing station, please request the assistance of a team member.

Looking for Professional Dog Grooming Services?

Petit Pooch Salon is your Full-Service dog grooming salon. With a Full-Service Groom, your dog receives a bath, hair cut, nail trim, ear cleaning, teeth brushing and paw balm.

Go to our Services page to learn more about our full range of professional dog grooming services.