Self-Service Dog Bathing

Self-Service Station hours of operation:

Wednesday – Thursday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Final Self-Service time slot is at 4:00 PM Wednesday – Thursday.

Saturday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Final Self-Service time slot is at 1:00 PM on Saturday.

Call us at (231) 342-0942 to schedule your Self-Service Station time slot.

Bathing Your Dog is Finally Convenient

We know how troublesome a dog bath can be, and that’s why we constructed a professional Dog Bathing Station for you to use. The Station features the same set-up the professionals use—an elevated, four-foot wide stainless steel tub with a powdered finish.

Call (231) 342-0942 for more details.

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self-service dog bathing traverse city
self-service dog bathing gate

$15 Per Dog

Our $15 flat rate for all dogs includes the following:

  • Choice of shampoo:
    • hypoallergenic, deep cleaning or our seasonal scent (all natural, all tear-free, all soap-free)
  • 2-speed forced air dryer
  • 100% rayon towels
  • 30 minutes of access to professional grooming tub

Also, we offer an array of professional grooming tools you may use with your dog.

  • Happy Hoodie (great for dogs who don’t like the dryer/loud noise)
  • Waterproof apron and ear protection (the dryer can get loud!)
  • Collapsible stairs for large dogs
  • For long-coat dogs: slicker brush, metal comb, deshedding rake
  • For short-coat dogs: rubber curry brush
  • Lavender disinfectant
  • Rubber mat

We also offer special products to use with your dog for minimal cost.

  • Deshedding shampoo: $3
  • Flea-treatment shampoo: $3
  • Skunk Shampoo: $3
  • Extra 15 minutes with bathing station: $5

While using the self-service dog bathing station, please be mindful of those who use the station after you. Use our dog-friendly disinfectant spray to clean out the tub after use.

If there is an issue with the self-service dog bathing station, please request the assistance of a team member.

Looking for Professional Dog Grooming Services?

Petit Pooch Salon is your Full-Service dog grooming salon. With a Full-Service Groom, your dog receives a bath, hair cut, nail trim, ear cleaning, teeth brushing and paw balm.

Go to our Services page to learn more about our full range of professional dog grooming services.